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Anginette 'AJ' Active

Yoga, Pilates & Fitness Instructor

A healthier you

Hello and pleased to meet you! 

My name is Anginette, I live and teach around the city of Oxford. 

I have over 30 years' teaching experience, having begun in the 90s. 


The passion that drives me every day lies in connecting with my clients. Seeing the rewards and milestones achieved, the increased fitness and wellbeing, the life-changing results of regular personal training.


Working through the menopause myself, I know the essential benefits of exercise in my daily routine, and also understand that life can be packed with commitments. 


My personal mantra is even if you only take 5 minutes out of your day in movement, you don'r regret it! Let me guide you on your fitness journey because it's all about committing to improving your mind, body and soul. Read article.


Why choose me?

As a professional trainer, my passion is to guide the world towards a healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. What I do though understand, as a person in their mid 50s is it is as much about a little an often as it is about achieving new goals with your health and fitness. If you recognise why you train your body, whether it is to prolong your active lifestyle and general health or it is to clear your mind out from maybe a stressful job and busy family life, then you are most of the way there. Also as a woman going though the menopause and having recently had a full hip replacement, I can identify with all that goes with these life changes. Rest assured my empathy runs deep with experiences and your healing and steps back into fitness I know can be hard but it will be very worth while.



  • Finding the balance
  • Making the time
  • Mindful motivation 
  • Nurture & rejuvenate
  • It's just exercise!

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Anginette Barton

Wootton, Oxfordshire


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