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Different ways to improve your health

Another area of training that I offer is one-to-one, more Personal Training. This can come in a varying forms depending on the person's particular requirements. The training can be taken on-line either by Zoom or Skype, I have a small studio at home where people can take their session or I can make a home visit. Contact me to enquire about this.


My ultimate aim is to make this work for the individual, to keep them on track with maintaining their health or increasing their strength and stamina or just generally being the reason for the training to happen because I know it is sometimes easy to make that excuse to for-go exercising!


I offer training in Pilates particularly for beginners or people returning from operations or injuries. Yoga practices to fit into your schedule, where I can adjust and progress your postures are popular. Plus I can offer training with the small Bender ball, light weight work and overall body conditioning training for that general feeling of health and fitness.



Teachers of Yoga often talk of their journey, what led them to put a change into their lives and how powerful and life affirming the practice of Yoga is, which can of course be very true. I have come from a slightly different angle, for me I understood the value and beauty of the asanas (postures) and how that complimented my dance workouts and I believe without the addition of Yoga I may not have kept up the Step and aerobics classes for so long!


In my Yoga classes I blend Ashtanga and Iyengar influences, I link postures together to flow naturally. These classes are for everyone of any ability (we can work around injuries and accommodate with blocks and straps). If you have lots of experience wonderful too, I will encourage you to reach your full potential.


I took my training and qualified to teach Pilates in 2004 with Micheal King. I find it to be a brilliant staple for all ages and abilities to either compliment your other training or simply as a disciple alone to ensure your core strength remains stable and general whole body strength and range of motion does not change.


The movements repeat to build up strength and this coupled with the unique Pilates breath work that works with each motion it can be calming and leave you with a great feeling of well being. The postural element to Pilates is based on keeping the spine long, the anatomical body strong and the core centre of your body interested in working for you.


Functional Fitness

In this class I work on encouraging stamina, cardio vascular fitness, strength and flexibility. The first half of the class is follow on choreography, simple aerobics style routines designed to help with your memory as well as increasing your breath and heart rate.


The second half is dedicated to body conditioning training using hand weights, some abdominal training and finishing with a stretch out of the muscles you have worked.


In a group fitness class connectivity can be felt, in a world where we are at risk of becoming more isolated I believe something as simple as sharing space whilst taking your workout can greatly enhance your feeling of wellbeing. You may make friends at a class or you just may just turn up but the connections will be there.

Body Conditioning

In this class I concentrate my much on improving your whole body. Similar to functional fitness there is a warm up of add on choreography to ensure the body is ready for larger movements. I change up the class every time.


We cover Ballet Barre at a chair, small Ball work and hand weight upper body arm routines. We take this class bare foot on a mat which is fantastic for foot and ankle strength. This class can be taken by everyone, I aim to never let you drift in mindset and to encourage focus and direct change in your mind and body.

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